Excel VBA WTF 002

I have to say that poor old VBA and Excel gets blamed for a lot of things.   I guess its just easier for people who should never be allowed near a computer let alone develop on one to start messing about with it and produce something truly ghastly.

This story here is a great example of such evil being conducted in the good name of VBA.  ;P  THe DailyWTF is a great site and one of only 3 I can say I visit basically every working day for a quick check when I need a cheeky break.   Alex, if you are reading this I must get a sticker in snail mail soon.  I’ll collect up some stuff and send it over!

I must try to alternate these posts with something really positive or quirky that has been done in Excel VBA and has warmed a developers heart, or perhaps made the world a cooler place.