Really useful factoid – 001

Where I am developing at the moment an unusual little character is being used.  It’s this one  ‘¬’.  Its what you get with Shift+`  which for most (PC, non laptop I mean) keyboards is Shift+top left key on the keyboard.   When I first saw it I only had to have a 2 sec scan of my keyboard to work out how to type it myself.  I guess years and years in front of something quite limited will lead it to soaking in!

What I did find interesting is that Google and the other search engines tend to remove characters from their search terms or presume that you want to do an advanced search if you do use them, so I was out of luck to work out what the little blighter is called.  I know a ‘~’ is a tilde.  I don’t know where I knew that from either, so apart from looking like a bit of a loon and asking my whole team if they knew I resolved to work out how I could get to know, and then also all the weird other things that can be generated.

A few minutes went by and then it hit me… How does one actually generate those weirder characters anyway?  I mean I know Alt Gr + Key gives you some of them.  Eurosceptics Alt Gr + 4 gets you the € symbol quickly if you were wondering or writing EUR in all your emails!


Its oldskool, but I know that it gives you the Alt+XXXX  ( on the numpad ) code that you can use to make weird symbols arrive as if by magic from your keyboard.  Again, this stuff never comes up in pub quizzes and I would be great if they did!   I have no idea why or how I know this either.  Don’t know what I am banging on about?

Charmap screenshot showing Pilcrow information
Charmap screenshot showing Pilcrow information

Ok  hold Alt and then mash out a few numbers on the Numpad.  It has to be the Numpad, and massive kudos on my next post if someone can comment / mail as to why that is!   Alt+456 give you this little cool ‘ ╚ ‘ symbol  along with the rest of the Alt+45X family╔╩╦ .   So getting charmap up I  can see that someone who really knows too much about this little niche has named everything!

¬  Is the ‘Not Sign’.   Huh .. not that cool a name in the end, but hopefully an interesting story.  I guess the difference between a journey and a commute is what you learn in getting there.  That sounds very like a quote from somewhere, but it grates on me when I read computing books with a little ‘Profound quote’ at that start of each chapter.  So I really don’t want to start doing it myself.  Like knowing a phrase from the Sun Tzu’s Art of War is going to make me all inspired and overcome my XSLT worries.  Prat.   ;P