Found my first Googlewhack!

Awesome!   Its a bit sad, but after watching the DVD of Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack adventure I did struggle to find out how he found so many and the stories and people he met really struck a cord with me.

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack adventure
Dave Gorman's Googlewhack adventure

My Googlewhack?   ‘Argentine omniglossolalia’   it was used in an Independent article I was reading this morning as something made me take the free Independent paper that they are giving out until the conclusion of the UK Election.

I have yet to find out what omniglossolalia actually means which is how I stumbled across the Googlewhack itself.   I think what I like about the whole thing is I think that before technology got to the common person ( i.e. Mobile phones, Texting, Internet, GPS, SatNav etc ) we all lived very different lives.   I mean you HAD to be where you said you were going to be when you organised it, either by letter, an actual meeting or land line to land line.     Now its too easy to give someone updates, you know ‘c u in 25 running late’ ad it seems to be perfectly acceptable to do this.  Don’t get me wrong I am always late for stuff, but wonder if I would be if I didn’t have a text to fall back on?

I guess what I mean is that Dave Gorman used technology, namely Google and the internet to HAVE an adventure rather than just read about someone else doing it or do it in some virtual way that only has the merest essence of the actual experience?